A QHSE management system is in place in our societies to enable us to progress, work better and be more efficient. It is the support of the continuous improvement of the performance of our group.



All our transport companies are certified ISO 9001 V / 2015 by AFNOR Certification, since 1994 for the oldest. Chemical companies are also certified SQAS.

Quality is everyone’s business at all levels of the hierarchy and in all departments. The satisfaction of our customers by anticipating and respecting their requirements are our priority.



QHSE_Hygiene_BrunOur goal is to preserve the health of the people who work in our institutions and those who live in the neighborhood. Awareness campaigns and random checks are regularly carried out to ensure that personal protective equipment is worn by our employees and that our zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy is respected.



QHSE_Securite_BrunA BBS (safety-based behavior) program is developed and implemented within our structures to increase safety during transport and loading / unloading activities and to positively influence behavior through observation , Sponsorship and communication. Activity monitors and tutors provide training and follow-up for our drivers. Since the BRUN group has obtained the necessary authorization, the FCO is provided internally by our instructors. Three-quarters of our subsidiaries are rated SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment System) with scores ranging from 94% to 96%.



QHSE_Environnement_BrunThe protection of the environment within our structures rests on several axes (control of all waste generated by our activities, reduction of energy consumption, prevention of pollution, compliance with applicable regulatory requirements).



bri-lyon-2013-2ADR in its paragraph 1.10 contains provisions on the safety of the transport of dangerous goods. To meet this requirement, our companies have implemented security plans with general measures in place to minimize the risk of theft or misuse of goods or vehicles for terrorist purposes and Which are only given to drivers who transport substances classified as high-risk.