Container Rental

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In addition to its chemical activity by road tank, BRUN offers a very specialized container fleet to an international clientele.

LOCATANK has built itself on a high value-added trade, giving it its reputation as a specialist in the rental of special tank containers through a range of containers for liquids: steel, stainless steel, coated (resin, paint, varnish, rubber / Type isolemail, Sakaphen, HDPE, plazite, Butyl …) and for gases from 27.5 bars to 140 bars.

The very high technology used in the design of the materials is put at the service of world-renowned chemist customers as well as transporters and transport operators.

To this end, we offer to rent our existing and new equipment and, upon request, study the design of special containers for the most demanding customers in terms of quality, safety and the environment.

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