The story


20140220095529The company was founded at the end of the 19th century. At that time, as electricity was not transported, chemical factories, which were heavy consumers, had to set up as close as possible to hydroelectric power stations in the mountain valleys. It was with horse-drawn carriages that Georges BRUN transported these chemical products from the Romanche Valley factories to the Vizille railstation, now famous for its castle and its traffic jams on snowy holidays.



20140220095445Then Lucien BRUN, his son, continued to develop the activity, with trucks this time, but still in hazardous materials.

From 1954, Daniel LE ROUX the son-in-law, takes over the management of the company, establishing his headquaters in EYBENS, with about twenty vehicles.

Today Jean Yves LE ROUX, the founder’s great grandson, manages the Group, which is 100% owned by the family, and employs around 1200 people. It has been built on an external growth initiated thirty years ago through the resumption of activities with high technical and human added value.