Industrial and medical gases

  • le gaz industriel : un métier précis et technique
  • dépotage d’oxygène médical en hôpital
  • chargement de gaz industriel
  • chargement en conditionné
  • livraison de gaz industriel

Brun Invest is a major supplier in the distribution of industrial and medical gases throughout France.
Thanks to a thirty years’ experience, our subsidiaries have aquired an important knowhow both in terms of driving, mechanics or operating.
The hauling goods are oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, in bulk or packaged form for industry and agri-food sector while it is oxygen and nitrogen in medical sector.

Discipline, flexibility and availability are required in this profession so as to offer a flawless service.

Drivers  pass numerous tests before being approved by customers, they must also be authorized at certain sites such as nuclear power plants, airports or military sites. The equipment must comply with the technical specifications with special devices, particularly on bottle and frame distribution carriers, with radio-controlled cranes including the rotating hook and its safety latch.

Our references

Air Liquide, Air Products, Linde, Messer