Chemical products

  • produits chimiques pulvérulents
  • système de dépotage
  • citerne chimique inox calorifugée
  • système de distribution chimique

This is the historical activity of BRUN. The company has always been very heavily involved in this activity. From the time of the horse-drawn carts that brought chemicals from the Romanche valley to the Vizille railstation, until nowadays, BRUN has built up a very great experience of hauling these products. So Brun takes interest in the design and construction of very specific materials, some of which are covered by a patent. We work on bulk and packaged goods; with or without storage. The particularity of chemical products has led us to acquire a wide range of various equipment. Even if today these transports are mainly carried out in dedicated equipment, this remains a dangerous activity and drivers must strictly respect the procedures.

Our references

Arkema, Basf, Bluestar Silicones, Brabant, Brenntag, Cristal, D3Chimie, Kemira, PetroIneos, Ppchemicals, Quaron, Solvay, Tessenderlo, Univar, Vencorex.